Program Evaluation

Program evaluation helps to build better programs and share your successes with others. A thoughtful program evaluation helps you demonstrate to funders and the public that your program makes an impact on the people you serve.

We combine scientific rigor with a close working partnership with your organization to make sure we ask the right questions. We seek to understand exactly how your program works because carefully developed questions yield the most meaningful answers.

Our collaborative approach means that the changes you see in the people you serve shine through in the numbers on a report. We believe the changes you see are real, and by working closely with you, we give you evidence of your success to share with others.

With our expertise in program evaluation, we can help you with every stage of the process to:

  • Build logic models to clearly show how your program works
  • Create a system to monitor the activities your program conducts
  • Identify and measure outcomes, or the way you expect the program to improve people’s lives
  • Collect data on those outcomes through surveys, interviews, or focus groups
  • Analyze data and write the report
  • Build your organization’s capacity to sustain your own program evaluation system