Who We Work With

Nonprofit and Community-Based Organizations

IGLHRC-Asia-DataAnalysisTraining (3)We are passionate about working with nonprofit and community-based organizations to ensure they have the information they need to:

  • Improve programs and/or do their current work in a better way
  • Advocate for policy change or improvements in implementation
  • Move beyond the day-to-day and bring a longer-term, strategic vision to their work
  • Mobilize resources to support their work

All organizations can benefit from use of systematic evaluation and self-reflection to build upon their current strengths and prepare for a changing landscape. We are committed to helping organizations choose the right tool and customize the process for each client and the communities where they work. We meet organizations where they are, with a pledge to demystify research and evaluation, clearly and sensitively linking them to work on the ground.


We are passionate about working with foundations to ensure they have the information they need to:

  • Support, nurture and grow social movements through needs assessment and capacity building
  • Impact the funding landscape by quantifying the resources available and identifying opportunities for additional investment and donor coordination
  • Bridge donor priorities with the needs and interests of nonprofit and community-based organizations
  • Evaluate investments to better understand the collective outcomes and, where possible, the impact of their support

We believe the periodic gathering of targeted information can support donors in determining priorities and making funding decisions. We bring an understanding of the broader human rights funding landscape and experience working with a diversity of public and private foundations to this work.

Government Organizations

We are passionate about working with government organizations to ensure they have the information they need to:

  • Develop policies and guidelines that take into account the needs and concerns of affected communities
  • Use public and private resources in an effective, efficient and accountable way
  • Improve implementation by monitoring and evaluating policies, programs and services

We believe that government organizations can benefit from information generated through research that prioritizes the involvement of affected communities. We bring long-standing experience working with state and local government stakeholders, as well as organizations implementing government-funded services.

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