LGBT HHS Initiative: Data and Evaluation Technical Assistance

Strength in Numbers is offering three forms of technical assistance to providers in 2023: workshops, office hours, and individualized program evaluation consulting. All offerings will assist organizations in increasing their capacity to measure, evaluate, and tell the story of their work. These skills help organizations to improve their services, communicate their impact, secure funding, and more. All sessions will be interactive and will provide materials and resources to take home.

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Open to all LGBT HHS grantees and Network members
All workshops will be conducted on Zoom

Upcoming Workshops:

Evaluation Report Series

Join Strength in Numbers for a three-part series on preparing an evaluation report. These three sessions will build on one another, but each will cover a distinct topic. We recommend joining all three, but if you are not able to make all of them please feel free to attend the ones you are able to. 

Gathering and Analyzing Your Data
Wednesday, February 28th
Do you have a lot of programmatic data in a lot of places? Do you know your data contains helpful information but you’re not sure how to put it together and begin to investigate what findings it contains? The first session in the evaluation report series will cover the basics of data analysis using Excel. We’ll learn some helpful tips and tricks and spend some time trying them out. Please bring a few data sets that you would like to analyze (i.e. a spreadsheet of attendance records, a spreadsheet of survey data, etc). Register here to attend this workshop.

Identifying the Key Findings
Wednesday, March 13th
Once you start looking at your data in more detail, you might begin to feel overwhelmed. There are so many numbers and so many possible things you might look into. How do you decide what to focus on and identify what’s interesting? The second session in the evaluation report series will focus on guiding your investigation and identifying key findings. Please bring a data set that you are familiar with and ready to dig into deeper. Register here to attend this workshop.

Putting It All Together
Wednesday, April 3rd

You’ve identified the key points and know what you want to cover in your report. How can you put together a report that is beautiful and clear? The third session in the evaluation report series will focus on communicating your results in writing and data visualizations. We’ll cover some techniques for generating an effective report and effective graphics. Please bring notes on the key data points you want to cover in a report or visualize in graphs. Register here to attend this workshop.

Past Workshops:

Program Evaluation Quick Tips

Wednesday December 6th, 12:30-1:15pm, with additional Q&A time from 1:15-1:45pm
Friday December 15th, 12:00-12:45pm, with additional Q&A time from 12:45-1:15pm

Come get a quick refresher on some important components of program evaluation! In this 45 min session we’ll go over some tips for describing program outcomes and developing performance measures. Brush up on these key concepts as you’re preparing your application for the LGBT HHS Initiative RFA! Stick around for 30 minutes following the session for an optional Q&A period to discuss your individual questions. 

Program Evaluation 101
Tuesday, March 21st
We all hope that the work we do has a substantive impact on the communities we serve. But how do we know that our efforts are having an impact? How do we know if we are meeting our goals? Join us to learn the basics of program evaluation and think about how to level up your organization’s learning practices. Register here to attend this workshop.

Workshop Your Performance Measures
Tuesday, April 11th
It’s time to update the performance measures for your LGBT HHS grants! Learn how to design clear and quantifiable performance measures that are aligned with your program’s objectives. Bring your current performance measures to workshop in this interactive session. Register here to attend this workshop.

Introduction to Logic Models
Wednesday, May 24th
Logic models are a tool to help organizations clarify their goals and align their programmatic activities to achieve them. Come learn how to use a logic model and get started building or updating one for your program. Register here to attend this workshop.

Conducting Client Surveys
Tuesday, July 11th
Surveying your members or clients is a valuable way to learn about their experiences and the impact of your program, as well as to get input on how to improve. Learn about how to design and implement a survey, and hear from other organizations about how they use surveys. Register here to attend this workshop.

Telling Your Story: Talking and Writing About Data
Tuesday, August 8th
You’ve got a pile of data on the activities of your program, but what do you do with it? Or maybe you’ve conducted a survey, but what’s next? How do you identify the important findings and what do you do with them? This session will cover techniques for leveraging the data you collect on your program to make the case for your work. Register here to attend this workshop.

Data Visualization
Tuesday, September 12th
Data visualizations make numbers come to life. Come learn the basics of what makes an accurate and effective visualization, and practice creating one using a free, simple, online tool. Register here to attend this workshop.

Office Hours

Open to all LGBT HHS grantees and Network members

Once a month SiNCG will host open office hours where providers can ask data- and program evaluation-related questions. Providers will learn from SiNCG staff as well as their peers who have joined the office hours session. Please register using the links below.

Thursday March 23rd, 3-4pm
Thursday April 13th, 3-4pm
Thursday May 11th, 3-4pm
Wednesday July 12th, 3-4pm
Thursday August 10th, 3-4pm
Thursday September 14th, 3-4pm

Individualized Program Evaluation Consulting

Open only to Component A LGBT HHS funded organizations

This program is a way to get more one-on-one assistance with your organization’s specific data and evaluation challenges. Providers will complete an intake interview where the consultant will learn more about the organization’s data and evaluation practices and needs. Organizations must identify a specific problem or need that they want to work on in up to 10 hours of consulting, and the consultant will work with organizations to develop a specific workplan. During sessions, the organization and the consultant may discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions, work on specific products like refining the organization’s logic model or developing a client survey, or review and improve the organization’s data management processes.

We will be prioritizing requests related to core AIDS Institute reporting requirements, such as:

  • Collecting and reporting on unduplicated total people served within each objective area
  • Accurately recording and expressing levels of participation in activities
  • Assessing the change over time experienced by the people you serve (members, constituents, clients) directly

If you are interested, please schedule an initial discussion with us.